BON BAG – Vegan Fizzy and Fizz-Free Pick And Mix Sweets, 1L Pouch Bags Of Sweets. Bulk Candy Assortment In Large Resealable Party Bag, Great For Sharing Or As A Gift (800g)


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  • 🍬 VEGAN PICK AND MIX: Our vegan mix of fizzy sour sweets and non fizzy sweets is hand picked to bring you the best selection of vegan sweets. A tasty premium sweets to keep even the most picky sweet lovers happy.
  • 🍭 VARIETY: Our vegan fizzy and fizz-free sweets can include sour dummies blue jelly babies cola bottles love hearts twin cherries peach rings apple belts fizzy strawberries cola bottles and many more! Our mixed sweets pack is ever changing and we try our best to keep the variety as exciting as possible but please note that due to availability not all sweets might be included or some might be substituted keeping each and every bag unique.
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT: Our gummy sweets bags are designed with gifting in mind with handy “To” and “From” tabs to fill in at the top of the bag ready to give as a gift. Alternatively grab a couple of bags to give as a sweet hamper! Ideal for variety of occasions such as Birthday sweets Halloween sweets Valentines Easter Christmas thank you gifts and more.
  • ✅ ALWAYS FRESH: Our pic n mix sweets are heat sealed in craft paper pouch bag for freshness with added grip seal at the top for easy storage and protection making sure that the sweets stay fresh and full of flavour for longer.
  • ♻ ECO-FRIENDLY: At Bon Bag we try and be as eco conscious as possible and so our sweet bags are mostly made of kraft paper to minimise the use of plastic and impact on the environment. Despite them being kraft paper bags for sweets they still hold freshness perfectly so you dont have to worry about the loss in flavour and freshness!