Double Dare’s Jelly Bean Cup Game: Pack of 2 for Xmas Party Candy Sweets – A Fun and Novelty Gift




  • Double Dares Jelly Bean Cup Game: Get ready for a thrilling game of chance with this Double Dares Jelly Bean Cup Game. It’s a perfect addition to your holiday party adding an element of fun and surprise to your gatherings.
  • Spin the Wheel: The game involves spinning a wheel and whichever flavor it lands on you must eat a jelly bean of that flavor. It’s a daring challenge that keeps everyone entertained and wondering which taste sensation they’ll experience next.
  • Mixed Good & Bad Flavors: The jelly beans come in a mix of good and bad flavors creating an exciting surprise element. Will you get a delicious cola flavor or something as daring as dog food? Take your chances and find out!
  • Family Fun: This game is designed for family fun and it’s an ideal activity to enjoy with your loved ones during the holiday season. Laugh play and create lasting memories as you take part in this adventurous jelly bean challenge.
  • Perfect for Gifting: The Double Dares Jelly Bean Cup Game is an excellent gift choice for Christmas birthdays anniversaries or any occasion where you want to spread joy and excitement. It’s also a great stocking filler or Secret Santa present.
  • Add a dash of excitement to your holiday celebrations with the Double Dares Jelly Bean Cup Game. Challenge your taste buds and have a blast with friends and family.