Direct Mart The Jelly Beans Factory, Mixed Jelly Beans Jar, Christmas Jelly Sweets, Kids Snacks, Fruity Extracts, Vegetarian, No Additives, Plastic Jar Container(1.4kg Bulk Candy, 36 Flavour)


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  • DELIGHTFUL VARIETY GOURMET JELLY BEANS: Indulge in the ultimate jelly bean experience with our Jelly Bean Jar Pack featuring 36 gourmet flavours. From classic to creative savour a diverse range of tastes in every bite with these jelly candies.
  • JELLY CANDY FOR VERSATILE OCCASIONS: Whether it’s Christmas a birthday celebration fathers day or any occasion in between our Jelly Beans Gift Jar could add a pop of sweetness to your festivities. Share the joy of taste with family friends and colleagues with this mixed beans sweet jar.
  • INCLUSIVE TREAT: Our large jar of jelly beans is thoughtfully crafted to cater to various dietary preferences. With a focus on quality these jelly beans are suitable for vegetarians nut-free gluten-free and gelatine free ensuring everyone can relish these delightful treats.
  • PURE ENJOYMENT JELLY SNACKS: Dive into the goodness of pure flavours and colours with this gourmet jelly beans jar. Our jelly beans are free from artificial additives promising an authentic taste that bursts with genuine fruit extracts like pineapple orange & apple. Experience a guilt-free cocktail jelly beans that’s as vibrant as they are delicious.
  • ELEGANT PACKAGING: The Jelly Bean Jar Pack comes in a convenient plastic jar preserving the freshness of each bean. This attractive packaging not only keeps your treats intact in an airtight jar but also adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.