Bonnie Glen – Handmade Traditional Scottish Vanilla Fudge – Pouch 150g


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  • LUXURIOUS TREAT – Our luxury traditional Vanilla Fudge Pouch is just one of those Scottish favourites you can’t find anywhere else. We use only the finest ingredients and an age-old recipe to make this melt in your mouth fudge
  • ARTISANAL FLAVOUR – Our delectable fudge is hand poured and hand scored by our master confectioners to deliver a deliciously smooth vanilla flavour. Inspired by the bonnie glens of Scotland we looked to generations of experience to give you a crisp bite and smooth flavour
  • AWARD-WINNING: The Bonnie Glen fudge and the tablet have won a Great Taste Award with the judges noting its enticing butterscotch aroma. A stamp of excellence from a competition that only regards taste above all else
  • SHARE & INDULGE – Our mouthwatering fudge is a secret that you won’t want to keep to yourself you’ll love to share with friends and family. Smooth golden and buttery every bite of the vanilla fudge is a delight and the pouch makes a perfect gift
  • FROM THE BONNIE GLEN – Our buttery fudge isn’t the only delicious treat to come out of the North. Try one of our other favourite handmade treats our Scottish Macaroon or Tablet that you’ll find irresistibly rich and creamy