ABC Funny Hippo Assorted Fruit Flavour Jelly Stick Straws 1kg Jar


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  • 🍓 TASTE EXPLOSION: Indulge in our ABC Assorted Fruit Flavoured Jelly Stick Straws! A delightful mix of fruity flavors in one 1-kg jar
  • 🌟 GUILT-FREE DELIGHT: Enjoy these satisfying snacks without the worry! Our jelly stick straws are fat-free making them a healthier choice for your sweet cravings.
  • 💥 BULK BLISS: Get ready for a never-ending supply of fruity goodness! Our 1kg jar ensures you’ll never run out of these tasty treats.
  • 🍬 VARIETY GALORE: Experience a burst of flavors with our assortment of fruit flavors! From tangy orange to luscious strawberry there’s a taste for everyone.
  • ✨ SNACK TIME MAGIC: Elevate your snacking experience with these delightful straws. Perfect for parties movie nights or anytime you crave a burst of fruity goodness!