100 Flying Saucers


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  • Premium Quality And Taste – Indulge yourself in our UK made Flying Saucer Sweets 170g firmly packed with delight. Each bite introduces you to a world of tasty sweets that does not compromise on quality offering an unforgettable taste experience
  • Time Travel With Retro Sweets – Our Flying Saucers 170g bag provides a sugary flash from the past triggering happy childhood memories. With these retro confectionery sweets enjoy a journey back in time while satisfying your sweet tooth
  • Hygienically Packed In Resealable Bags – Our flying saucer sweets are hygienically prepared and packed in a resealable bag to ensure freshness and longevity. Enjoy a handful of these cheap sweets today and easily seal the rest for the future
  • Authentic UK Confectionery Delight – Exclusively UK made our Flying Saucer Sweets blend traditional tastes with present joy. These confectionery sweets exhibit the authenticity and richness of UK flavours promising you a delectable experience
  • More Than Just Sweets – Journey beyond conventional sweets with our Flying Saucers. These distinct colorful and flavorful discs satisfy your cravings by offering a unique blend of tangy sherbet center enclosed in a rice paper shell. On top of that they make a great gift for birthdays weddings anniversaries and parties